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Tom's Take: Beckham's Frisky Business

Headline: Odell Beckham’s Bedroom Tastes Revealed By Model

Is Odell Beckham ever trending for the right reasons? The only time in recent memory where I can personally remember any “good news” trending about Odell - was the one-handed catch against the Cowboys that people have immortalized on posters, phone cases and commercials... even though we're constantly reminded that the Giants still lost that game! When you woke up this morning... you opened up Twitter... scrolled through your time-line, and probably saw the same clip that the rest of the world did. The now infamous clip that came from the “Th*ts Next Door Podcast" saw Chief Keef’s baby mamma... a woman by the name of “SLIM DANGER” inform the world that the star wide receiver of the Cleveland Browns - is apparently a big time 'poop' guy!

This woman says - if you didn’t already watch the clip... that he allegedly asked her to send him a video of herself “taking The Browns to the Super Bowl.” Apparently, he then looked to fly her out to see him, and I guess - drop it on his chest... This is someone who was regarded as potentially one of the best wide receiver in football!

Tom's Take: Now I know what you’re going to say… "Tom, you KNOW you cant believe EVERYTHING you read or hear on the internet!” and you'd be absolutely right in that statement! I’ve actually never heard of any of these people. This goes for SLIM DANGER, or anyone that’s on the “Th*ts Next Door Podcast” for that matter. This is an outrageous celebrity rumor that’s SO ridiculous sounding; however still feels like it could be true. Honestly, it's the kind of rumor you'd maybe start when you’re chasing a little clout in the congested podcasting game! Personally, I’m going to choose to not believe the hype... Odell could absolutely love being a true #2 receiver; but the man has really got the sh*t end of the stick since entering the league. Labeled a distraction on the Giants who were one of the worst teams in football during his tenure, to the infamous Miami boat trip - and then loss to the Packers. Who can forget him perhaps getting a little too excited, slapping wads of cash in the hands of LSU Players after they'd won a National title on live television... then proceeding to (what looked to be) “playfully” slapping a police officer in the butt and catching a warrant! Odell just cant catch a break when it comes to the court of public opinion. So for his sake, I personally won’t believe the hype.

But on the chance that this all turns out to be true... it just proved the point - that when you're famous... you only have a few options:

1) You either don’t care if people know you’re a freak (...and hey more power to ya).

2) You cut that crap out altogether.

Otherwise, your bed room is going to have to come with the sexiest thing of all… a “non-disclosure agreement” (because what doesn’t get people in the mood like legal paperwork). So, lets get some T’s & P’s to Odell Beckham's Twitter mentions for a while! I really hope he just kinda owns it, because... what’s the other "lesson" we learned as kids? Other than poop belongs in a toilet. It's that they can’t hurt you if your laughing at yourself! Maybe we get a new version of the peeing dog celebration we saw in Philly a few years ago. Whatever he does, I just hope for his sake that when the season starts... we’re talking about him on the FIELD and NOT where he likes women to go to the bathroom.

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